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(Thank you to those Board members who have taken a stand for parents and common sense… Hughes, Weems, and Manning)

1. The Board voted to keep schools closed for in-person learning in contradiction to CDC and healthcare professionals.

2. While the Board felt it was too dangerous to have students in school buildings for in-person learning due to COVID, children of school and city employees were allowed in the building for daycare.

3. The Board allowed the Superintendent to have his own consulting business and outside employment without School Board approval which is potentially in violation of his contract and state law.

4. According to the Virginian Pilot, allowed 3 schools to “erase” absences of students to have better attendance numbers.

5. The Board severely limits public access to public meetings of the School Board while City Council meeting doors are wide open to the public.

6. The Board has attempted to silence the public by requiring a permit to gather on the grounds where public meetings are held, potentially in violation of the public’s right to assemble and petition their government.

7. Leadership allowed teacher training that showed a video telling around 100 teachers that they should admit they are racist.

8. The Board condoned the “Racial Healing Handbook” to be used in leadership meetings which promoted Critical Race Theory ideals.

9. The School Board paid $50,000 in a no-bid contract to Panorama Education (the company owned by Garland, the U.S Attorney General’s son-in-law) to implement SEL (social-emotional learning) surveys to children.

10. The School Board continues to allow access to minors to pornographic/sexually explicit literature in libraries and curricula.

11. The Board created a policy that takes away parental rights by telling teachers/staff that a parent may be kept from knowing if a child wants to be called a different name or gender.

12. The Board allows biological males and females to enter the bathroom and locker room of the opposite biological gender.

13. Through the office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion, the Board has allowed the administration to promote the racist agenda of Ibram Kendi who states that capitalism is racist and to be anti-racist, one has to be anti-capitalist.

14. The Superintendent wrote in an email that he couldn’t support Carolyn Weems’ resolution that clarified equity training and prohibited Critical Race Theory types of teaching. He stated “There are clear racial issues tied to socioeconomics. How would a teacher navigate that conversation when they cannot teach that capitalism is racist?" He further stated that racism is inherent when he stated in an email that “I recognize again that the response will be that we can’t say anyone has racial bias inherently, but to be honest, that flies in the face of neuroscience."

15. The Board is proposing a new policy to ban legal carry at public meetings which are in violation of the Virginia Beach City Council’s 2A Sanctuary City Resolution passed in 2020. This will be discussed on Nov 23, 2021, and voted on at a meeting to follow.

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