We only have 50 days until election day and a chance to FLIP the Virginia Beach School Board. The current School Board majority has put their political agenda in front of what is best for students. We must end the current regime and take back control. We have the opportunity to do this but we NEED your help.

Please consider donating to our efforts. We need donations in order to spread the message about the candidates who are parent and student focused. Any amount will help but please consider the importance of this election and how this will impact not only our students but our entire community. Having good schools impacts property values and whether we have a skilled workforce to staff our businesses.

We also need people to help at the polls for early voting and election day. You can sign up here.

Remember the decisions of this current Virginia Beach School Board majority over the last couple of years:

The VB School Board majority just voted to make parents and guardians "EQUAL PARTNERS" with the School System; thus, becoming co-parents!
The VB School Board majority voted to keep schools closed for students for in-person learning, but they voted to allow babysitting in schools for children of city and school employees and called them “Safe Learning Centers”.
Students were forced out of the classroom into virtual learning for over a year. In Nov 2020, the CDC Director stated that “All schools should remain open. It is the safest place for children to be”, yet on Dec 1, the VB School Board majority voted to keep kids out of school causing permanent harm.
The VB School Board majority adopted a policy that focuses on socialist ideals of equal outcomes rather than equal opportunity.
The VB School Board majority defended racist training that required teachers to admit they are racist and to “admit their privilege”. Board member Melnyk stated that it was the “Hill she was willing to die on”.
The VB School Board majority voted against mask choice while these same Board members sat in meetings with no masks on, and even the Governor had recommended masks to be optional.
When parents and citizens showed up to attend School Board meetings, the VB School Board majority taped off seats so that only 10 people could sit in the room, even though city council allowed citizens to attend their meetings at full capacity.
When citizens and parents spoke up against decisions being made by the VB School Board majority, this same majority silenced citizens by reducing the amount of time they could speak – and even kicked parents out of the meetings.
The VB School Board majority allowed the Superintendent to hire Panorama Education for $50,000, a company that supports Critical Race Theory, to conduct surveys on students in Virginia Beach.
The VB School Board majority voted to allow boys to use girls locker rooms and bathrooms without staff being able to ask any questions.


On behalf of our whole team here at Students First VA, we are asking for your financial support because this is a critical situation. We need to spread the word regarding the wonderful candidates that are on the ballot who will put the needs of students first, value parental input and focus on EDUCATION NOT INDOCTRINATION!!

Students First VA

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