Documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act Request from Virginia Beach Schools (see below) proves that School Staff have been instructed to keep gender identity secrets from parents.  On Tuesday May 9th, School Board member Jessica Owens has a resolution for the School Board to vote on that would reaffirm this practice. This resolution also advocates for boys to compete in girls sports in Middle School and even High School.  The VHSL now considers a request for waivers for transgender students upon request by the districts.  The VHSL waivers can be found here. Read more here on the sports issue.

Your help is necessary to stop these practices that attack parental rights.

Please sign up to speak and read the full agenda at this link and email the School Board at  Tell them you oppose Jessica Owens resolution that attacks parental rights and demand that the School Board get rid of their policies that allow secrets to be kept from parents.

Here is the Guiding Questions Document received under FOIA.  Below are screenshots from the document.


parents might find out.JPG

keep from parents.JPG

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