news-recommendation-chart.jpgOn March 8, the Virginia Beach School Board will be voting on the adoption of new textbooks for Secondary English for grades 6-12. This will be an expense of approximately $2 million. These are online textbooks and we have not yet had the opportunity to review all of the material, but at first glance, this is what we see:

  1. Radical Ibram Kendi is used as a resource in the 9-12th grade texts. This is the same guy whose stance is that Capitalism is Racist.
  2. CNN/Anderson Cooper videos are used as resources.
  3. Articles about how RuPaul is inspiring.
  4. Articles advocating for Reparations. 
  5. Resources seem to be very slanted and biased to the far left.
  6. These English textbooks seem more like social science textbooks or social justice textbooks.

State law requires: "Notice to parents that textbooks under consideration for approval will be listed on the school division's website and made available at designated locations for review by any interested citizens."
The information was listed on the division website, but notice was never given to parents and the online textbook was never made available at designated locations for review. Therefore, we believe the School Board is in violation of state law on this issue.
Please email the School Board on this topic and let them know that they need to follow the law on proper notice and public input:
We have obtained a link for the public to review the information, so we encourage you to review it for yourself.
Pass:  ELA2021! 

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