It is imperative that children be protected from harm in schools. Materials that contain sexually explicit content can cause lasting trauma for children or even re-traumatization of children who have been victims of sexual assault.

Examples of content that can be found in VB school libraries are found at this link. These materials include descriptions and/or pictures of masturbation, oral sex, pedophilia, sadomasochism, detailed descriptions of rape and more. Under this policy, these materials will be prohibited in VB Elementary Schools.

While many believe these materials also do not belong in middle and high schools, this policy will not prohibit parents from allowing their own children to have access to these materials. However, since many parents are not aware that these graphic explicit materials are present in school libraries, it is imperative that all parents be notified. Those parents who do not want their children to have access to these materials can then make that decision to opt out their children from this harmful content. This is a reasonable policy that gives parents a choice.

Here is a summary of the policy:

--Sexually Explicit is defined in the policy using state laws. It does not include books such as Captain Underpants, biology books, the statue of David, or the breast on the Virginia Flag

--Sexually Explicit materials will not be purchased nor free materials put into the libraries of VB Elementary schools

--Sexually Explicit materials will remain in Middle and High Schools but parents can make a challenge of materials and if deemed sexually explicit based on the definition under state code, the materials will remain be will also be put on a list and notification made to parents. The materials will NOT be removed nor put in a separate section.

--New Sexually Explicit materials purchased or received by Middle or High Schools, will be placed on a list of materials to indicate sexually explicit content and parents will be notified and provided the ability to opt-out.


Owens Resolution on LGBTQ+ (document found here)


At the last School Board meeting, a resolution with the intent to discuss Governor Youngkin's Transgender Model policies was on the agenda. There was a lot of dissention because the public overwhelming did not want boys to be able to participate in girls' sports. The school board attorney agreed that the way the resolution was worded, it could be interpreted as allowing boys to compete in girls' sports.

The resolution has been amended and is back on the agenda at Tuesday's meeting for further discussion. While some language was changed there still may be some unintended consequences. The language in the resolution still references Title IX. Joe Biden just proposed an amendment to Title IX regulations that would "establish that policies violate Title IX when they categorically ban transgender students from participating on sports teams consistent with their gender identity."

The updated resolution states that the "School Board will not adopt, amend, suspend or repeal its bylaws or policies and the School Administration will not adopt, amend, suspend or repeal its regulations to violate the.... Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972..... with regard to discrimination and harassment based on sex, sexual orientation or gender identity... ."

If the Biden administration adopts the changes to Title IX, the School Board would then need to determine if it will abide by these administrative (not legislative) changes. This resolution seems to indicate that the School Board WOULD adopt the changes.

The updated resolution also appears to advocate to not adopt Governor Youngkin's Model Policies regarding transgender students. The VB School Board is still under regulations created by the Superintendent that abide by the Northam policies. Compare the Northam policies to the Youngkin policies at this link. Some believe that the Northam policies violate the Constitutional rights of parents and those policies need to be replaced.




Please sign up to speak and read the full agenda here. You can also sign up to speak online virtually.

Please email the School Board at and tell them to vote YES for Policy 6-65 and vote NO on the Transgender resolution that opposes Governor Youngkin's proposed policies.

Please plan to attend the meeting that begins at 6pm on May 23th at the Holland Road Annex, 2323 Holland Road, Virginia Beach, VA

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