The Virginia Beach School Board STRIKES AGAIN!  

On Tuesday, April 5th, the Virginia Beach School Board voted 8-3 to approve divisive online English textbooks that include topics such as gender theory, inappropriate sexual content, looking at issues through the lens of race, and more for students in 6-12th grades (Hughes, Manning, Weems voted NO) at the cost of $2 million to taxpayers. Students First VA previously provided a detailed summary of concerns with these books.

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April 5th Meeting Details:

During the meeting on April 5th, the administration told the Board that the materials that were presented to the public for review may not actually be the materials that the students will receive. They stated that there are over 24,000 links and resources in the textbook that teachers will be able to use. The Superintendent's staff has the ability to remove or add available content. The Board wants the public to believe that staff will choose appropriate content for Virginia Beach students. This is the same staff that provided teacher training to over 100 staff that instructed white teachers that they should "admit they are racist" and also the same staff who approved pornographic books that show people having oral sex in graphic pictures to remain in our schools.

Additionally, the textbook company will have access to private teacher and student information such as name, email address, student ID #, grades, assessment information, and more. It is unknown how this information will be used.

There is also a "read aloud" function in which students can push a button a listen to their reading materials rather than actually read. Staff stated that teachers will be able to turn these "read aloud" buttons on or off.

Students First VA will continue to inform the public regarding issues coming before the school board.  Stay tuned... 

Online Recall Petitions Now Available:

If you have not already signed our School Board recall petitions, you may do so now online here.

Virginia Beach School Board Candidates:

Students First VA  is finalizing our endorsements for candidates for Virginia Beach School Board this November. We look forward to introducing these candidates to the public and we will be hosting a meet and greet event soon!

Please consider donating to our efforts to take back control of the Virginia Beach School Board. We are an all-volunteer organization seeking to make a positive difference in the education of children. 

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